Cuckolded Husbands

Well this is where it really all started; unsatisfied wives and girlfriends who took it upon themselves to convince their husbands to sit back while they enjoyed another guys cock.

Chastity devices played a big part in the manipulation of their men to create what they affectionately called their cuckold husbands. Once a guy has been locked up in a chastity device for more than three days he naturally becomes more compliant as his need to orgasm grows almost unbearable.

Of course, these wives and girlfriends understand this principle only too well and they make sure to reinforce their control over their captive males by constant teasing and denial that leaves their men totally compliant.

Watch these cuckold husbands being tormented and see just what they are forced into doing to satisfy these strong and dominant women who truly become worshipped as a goddess by these unfortunate guys….

Cuckolded Husbands

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This guy is totally degraded and abused by his “loving” wife.  His cock’s just not big enough to satisfy her needs and she’s gonna do something about it!

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