Forced Bi Cuckolds

Forced bi Cuckolds are always popular.. imagine having the most attractive woman you can think of locking away your cock in a CB2000¬†chastity device as she proceeds to tell you just how you’re going to service her and her new boyfriend!

Well stop imagining and start to enjoy the exciting new series of Forced Bi Cuckolds.

Forced Bi Cuckolds

It’s not gay if your wife forces you to suck another man’s cock. Right? Because it’s for her pleasure. She gets a perverse thrill from watching you demean yourself.¬†You’re supposed to make your wife happy, right? Isn’t that what marriage is all about? You can try to talk her out of it. But if she’s determined to see you on all fours, licking her lover’s cock and balls in-between thrusts deep into her wet cunt, then that’s what you must do.

And the cum shot?¬†Well, certainly you don’t expect your loving wife to take it do you? Open your mouth boy. And don’t miss a drop!

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